Come Arepa
Venezuelan Food!

Come Arepa is a food truck dedicated to serving the Arepa and some other tasty Venezuelan food. The Arepa is one of the most important dishes in Venezuela, a gluten-free cornbread sandwich that is stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, and salsas.


This is a small company that dreams to share with the world all those recipes from our grandparents back in Venezuela. 


What is Arepa?

Venezuelan explaining to Canadian...

...would say it is a HEALTHY GLUTEN-FREE corn bread sandwich, not like the corn bread from here. But yes, it is made of corn bread - firm and crunchy outside but soft and steamy inside. As well as being incredibly tasty, it’s also HEALTHY  and naturally GLUTEN FREE! 

For us Venezuelans...

...the Arepa is the bread of every breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since we were kids we tasted them, and after we started to help to make them, it never stopped. You can find Arepa shops in Venezuela on every corner selling all types. Something important is that we love to name them with creative names, yes... we also are creative. For example, the most famous is called Reina Pepiada which means something like "The curvy queen"...we will explain more later.

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